I help you tackle your growing pains

As you start to grow your business, you encounter challenges
where you are not in your core strength.

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Welcome to your core strength

Growing pains. What keeps you awake at night?

When you are in your core strength, you can take on the whole world. Other people see this too; your business grows. You learn, lead and live at a super-fast pace, but in time you run out of time, heads and hands. 

Once your business grows, your challenges start to change. After all, your tech business also needs good marketing, and the most creative service will suffer from poor administration. Indispensable for success, but perhaps something where you rely less on your core qualities.

How to recognize growing pains

Does this look familiar to you?

"9 out of 10 new companies don't make it through the first 3 years. Are you the scale-up that does get help in time?"

Guiding young growth companies

My specialty: developing talent

I have lived and worked in five different countries. At the same time, I have been an entrepreneur and an investor. 

Even now I sometimes invest in start ups, but mostly I guide young growing companies as a coach and advisor. Honestly, is there anything more beautiful? I give you a mirror and a map, you set the direction. 

For every growing pain, a different medicine



Based on a series of interviews with stakeholders, I guide you with a concrete business strategy as the end result.

Duurzaam businessmodel@2x

Sustainable business model

Together, we look at the economic, social and environmental aspects of your business. Together, we find the balance and define a concrete action plan.

1-op-1 coaching@2x

1-to-1 coaching

Walk & talk where you decide what is important and I listen, listen, listen and reflect. 

But in the end, we often end up with a unique trajectory where we will tackle your growing pains.

Ruud is sharp, reliable, calm and has heaps of valuable experience. With these qualities, he has helped us to shape the direction of our fast-growing company that we and the team support. I definitely recommend Ruud!

Ruud’s coaching made me take
new turns, but also confronted me with questions I did not dare to ask myself so easily. It has made me more independent and stronger in my entrepreneurship. All in all; I wish for everyone to have a Ruud.

Ruud is a friendly, thoughtful man with knowledge and experience. At our first coaching meeting, Ruud challenged us to look critically at our business which has now given us a clear picture of our business and which direction we need to take to grow.

Jaamo BV

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That Inner Flame


Tim van Osch

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I help you tackle your growing pains

Every growth company encounters challenges where you are not in your core strength

Together, we get through the critical phase of your business and set a rock-solid foundation for your sustainable growth.